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Timon, so I started at six playing the piano and not much later writing songs. Timon worked as choir pianist, choral conductor, composer, songwriter and producer. At the Prince Claus Conservatoire in Groningen he has received the Bachelor Composition, Music Production and Studio Productions with pleasure, and later Master New Audiences and Innovative Practice, Timon is about researching his role as musical facilitator in society. Currently he works at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, and as an independent artist where the focus currently is cabaret. A number of excellent projects that Timon has been working on his own cabaret show; with Dutch cabaret songs as a thread, his concert series The Third Half; classical music at a venue and collaboration between visual artists and professional musicians, choir Power; workshop for corn which is working on the power of the individual in a choir, and the International Jewish Music Festival, where he was stage manager. Timon's music always tries to connect to the personal and intuitive, for which he, inter alia, has completed a five-year reading and healing training at the Centre for Life and Intuition in Utrecht.

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