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Download Flash nu! Om deze content te beluisteren of weer te geven, moet je je versie van Flash upgraden. Ghosttrucker : Blogbericht [Abonneren op dit blog] new video! (meer weergeven) Ghost Trucker vs. The Birds (meer weergeven) VIDEO INTERVIEW: a real ghost trucker-in-the-studio (meer weergeven) Volkskrant (meer weergeven) GT on national radio (meer weergeven) [Alle geplaatste blogs weergeven] Info over Ghosttrucker Somewhere between the ghostworld and the endless highway there is a band playing fine, fine music. Providing a soundtrack for a Tim Burtonesque film that has not yet been shot. The name of the band is Ghost Trucker. A very special medium got Asta, Roald, Ralph, Jelte and Rik to combine their supernatural powers and write the songs. The music resulting from this crazy experiment has now been put on record, The Grand Mystique. Dont be scared. Be prepared.

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