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Gerard Ammerlaan (1953, Pijnacker, the Netherlands) Started his career as a bass-player in different experimental pop-bands during the six to seventies and turned to improvised music (including double bass) in the eighties. From 1983 Ammerlaan has not only performed alone, but has also led his own ensembles and composed improvised music for all kinds of different line-ups, from duo's to orchestra's. Since the nineties he has been commissioned to compose for various foundations, including other ensembles and special projects. His work has a unique position in the Dutch music world. Thanks to his background in improvisation, Ammerlaan reacts easily to impulses around him and enjoys being taken by surprise. In his search for new expressions, his music inevitably ends up as a fusion between composition and improvisation, pop and classical, to world and electronics. His liberal approach forms a unique mix, that cannot be placed into one category. In his own special way he makes a blend of colourful as well as visual music. Recognition of his works: 1985 – the “Forma Aktua Jazz Prize” 1995 – together with text-writer Jo Willems – the “Wessel Gansfort Prize” Ammerlaan about his own work: My personal ambition is to keep a continuing development in the music and the driving force being the music itself. I want to make music, that is open to the jazz, pop, classical and world audience, not especially for commercial reasons, but what I see as coming straight from the heart. Sometimes it has to swing, but for me, the most important thing is, that the listener involves in the visual qualities. I like to surprise, astonish, confront and move the audience. If it touches me and I'm able to pass that feeling on to someone else - I've reached my goal.”

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