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  • The ECB scam

  • Three raging meltdowns Japan

  • Nostradamus prophecy

  • Sen Rockefeller Climate Science Is True.flv

  • Global Jet Stream Forecast

  • Fukushima nuke plant blast

  • Powerful quake hits Japan

  • Prisoners al-Qatta Prison Egypt

  • Facing mass extinction

  • Protesters gunned down

  • Asmaa Mahfouz.

  • Mubarak thugs

  • Egyptian journalist resigns

  • Egyptian revolution

  • Egyptian army drives over people

CTV news is about the environment and climate change. we will also bring you news about corporate institutions, multinationals who are causing damage to our environment. We also see it as very important to bring you news about violations of human rights as described by the United Nations. Violations caused by countries or multinationals will be followed closely by us and brought out in the open to inform people all around the world.
Ctv Comment

    From: Roelf   date: 2010-03-28
  Mooie video :)

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