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Hi friends and fellow musicians this afternoon we uploaded C-tv games links: So for anyone who wants to be featured there, making games, music for games, animation for games/flashgames/cozplay .... We are already reviewing games and music for new the idea? Just like we do with music. Just contact us through: Wanna send your stuff: You know YouSendit? Send songs, games, movies in flv with swf. Send bio and pics in Digital format. Best Quality Video possible. Send us the link to your website. I have two emailaddresses: or send it to: max 20 Mb attachment or Pi-Qui@Cineversity.TV Cineversity.TV Barmaheerd 50 9737MH Groningen The Netherlands +31(0)50-7851824 Mobile: 06-29606015 And if you want to support us, just use the donate button on Great! Grtz Pi-Qui

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