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  • Midsland Oklahoma

MIDSLAND, OKLAHOMA Beumer & Drost had earlier Oerol with Brandweermannen, Moby Dick and Erik or 't small Insectenboek. This year they proudly MIDSLAND, OKLAHOMA. MIDSLAND, OKLAHOMA tells the touching story of the incredible legacy of Boet Butterboer, chronicler of the `twinvillages` Midsland Terschelling and Midsland Oklahoma. Midsland, Oklahoma, the town where Boet Butterboer in 1952 was born, where he left and never returned. This has never been told genesis of Midsland, Oklahoma exchange authentic footage and live performance 'each other. Behind it lies celluloid shown an unexpected dimension. What begins as a nostalgia gedrenkte rolprent ends in an unexpected climax as the filmpersonages the initiative towards himself. This is a show with tough confrontation, personal tragedies and a touching meeting. Now with an authentic American crank `THE CALLIOPE IMPERIAL` Script: Michael Helmerhorst and Peter Drost, Play: Peter Drost, Camera and assembly: Henk Haselager, Director: Michael Helmerhorst, assistant director / production: Geraldine Verhoeven, Engineering: Peter van der Hoek, InspiciŽnt: Wim MŲnnich, Producer: Louise Paulussen

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