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  • Gerechtsdeurwaarder vangt bot bij politie

Cineversity.Tv and Bea van Kessel. This brave woman choose to become sovereign. I know her now for a year, and she is really involved into human rights and creating a humane society. Her actions involve civil disobedience against the technocratic parasitic system most governments are at the moment. The injustice of greedy banks and their befriended corrupt politicians, both responsible for the current economic crises and suffering of the people, inspired her to fight back.
Ctv Comment

    From: JEFFREY   date: 2013-09-15
  GOED GEDAAN , oprotten met dat tuig *

    From: Bea   date: 2013-08-29
  Hiermee wil ik bereiken dat mensen gaan inzien dat er een groot verschil is tussen je natuurlijk persoon (BSN) en de mens. De (R)overheid wil niet dat jij dit weet.

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