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  • Occupy Groningen in brand

  • Recycling to Athens

  • Greece here we come 12 May 2012

  • Occupy Groningen Greece 12 May 2012.flv

  • FNV Bondgenoten en Occupy

  • Talk to the people

  • Occupy Groningen zonnepanelen

  • Groningen awakening

  • Macronizm yeah

  • Occupy groningen

CineversityTV and OccupyGroningen. The last six months have shown people worldwide that corporations are about greed profit but not about human rights or social rights. Ruthless exploitation is covered up by the mass media they own. Corporations are murderers killers of democracy they have become a malicious cancer that must be cured now. Join us in the fight against corporate greed corrupt politicians and leaders.

Ctv Comment

    From: ivoitme   date: 2011-10-23
  Cool, ik kom ook, maar dan eerst even rond bellen wie er mee gaan, hoe meer ziel hoe meer vreugt toch?!!

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