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Andrea Gastaldello was born on March 22, 1973 in Castiglione delle Stiviere in the province of Mantua, Italy. A self-taught musician, he began studying music at the age of fourteen, beginning with classical guitar. After several years of playing in various rock groups, Andrea became interested in electronic music. He met several maestri who helped him broaden his knowledge of electronic music as well as other more traditional and classical genres. He participated in seminars on contemporary music and continued his studies on composing. This was an unprecedented event for a little-known Italian group. They appeared on the Italian satellite TV station ‘Rock TV’ in the ‘Sala Prove’ and ‘Database’ programs. They took part in a mini tour organized by the same TV station called ‘Rock TV Tour’. Bogarelli has been part of the AG Project since 2005. Corina has been part of the AG Project since the autumn 2007.

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