Artist RADIO The Divine Madness (usa)

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  • Silent is Love

  • Break apart

  • Break apart DJ Rayner RMX

  • Darkest Night

  • Ecstasy

  • Precious

  • Secrets

  • The Future

  • Crawl

  • Faith

  • Theatre of Pain

  • Redemption

  • Closer

  • Wonderland

  • The Hunger

Cineversity.Tv and The Divine Madness. Have you ever wondered if Alice left all the rabbits alone, stopped pondering at tea parties, and instead took on being the lead singer of a band, and what she would sound
like? I'm talking about vocalist Victoria Mazze of the band The Divine Madness.THE DIVINE MADNESS ARE... Victoria Mazz ~ Vocals / Keys / Orchestra Griff ~ Keys / Guitar Nick Zampelli ~ Perc / Keys Moni ~ Guitar

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