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  • I cant keep away

  • Fade Away

  • Nothing Else

  • A place of nothing

  • Its pathetic what you are

Cineversity.Tv and EndOfNumbers. Welcome to my project, I made a few songs I had in mind, the mindless will tell you, the bio is nothing but a door to knowing all the secrets that are found inside and out, my songs are about love so strange, so real in the dark , also about trying to move on,.. a few things on God which is a light subject, its alot about fear. being alone, a person I'd love to hate so much but I can't, I'll just stay away, there are a few things missing in my life that leads me to hide away from the world in an isolation to strange to face the world, but I guess slowly breakin through all, um if you come across my page add me as your friend just for the hell of
it, and also if you understand I've been in a few jersey bands in the past none ever worked out, I've spent life in a world of anxiety and fear, always asked that to God and no answer oh well I guess , so, I saved up and I bought all these intruments such as guitars keyboards pianos synthizisers bass guitars, guitar and bass pedals drums programs , a drum set a stereo a computer sofware and an interface and got to work. since I saw no one wanted to form a serious real band I had to do it all myself which wasn't bad at all , picked up the programs fast I got it last July, I recorded everything with cubase. I made 14 songs, 2 are instrumentals, I posted the lyrics on my blogs.

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