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  • Facemask

  • Luv Hate Soulmate

  • This Youth

  • Monkey and Tiger

  • Koshko

  • Still Running

  • Sunk Sun

Deaddolphin Many people ask where the name Deaddolphin originated and it involves what I feel is a fateful story: One year I was on vacation with my family. We were walking along a beach and at a particularly low tide, the water receded far off the sand and when it did, there was a dolphin skull resting there in the middle of the ocean floor now revealed. I brought that skull to my home where it was lent to a science professor and spent time in a classroom for a few years before returning to it's permanent home in my studio. My brother coined the name and it
has been so ever since. Deaddolphin is the amalgamation of many musical influences and styles. A love of all music with particular fondness for folk/bluegrass music merged with a passion for hip-hop and the result is Deaddolphin. Deaddolphin is simply a vessel to collaborate with other artists/musicians to create songs that are pleasing to the ear and mind. This includes any artists who are interested in designing/drawing/painting/dreaming pictures related to any of our musical projects including galvanized caterpillars, deaddolphins, and evil turtles. Please e-mail if you are one of these people and/or would like to be added to a mailing list to keep updated

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