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  • Jerusalem

  • 3rd World War

  • Beatnik

  • The Hum

DJ Monkey serves up spoken-word poetry atop funk, hip-hop, rock and jazz. While there is plenty going on in the nine-piece’s grab bag, this act’s output is accessible. The music leans on upbeat rhythms and vocal harmonies to accompany thoughtful messages. Add to this Lil’ Tip Toe’s rapid-fire rapping, and the ensemble takes on a Jurassic 5/Roots vibe. In final summary: (DJ Monkey) is..powerful, original and provocative Multi-award winning DJ Monkey has been seen by critics and fans alike as Original. Emotional. Fresh. Provocative. Hip. Alternative Press said their debut, "Another Evolution'' could be
the most important CD of 2004. We think that, This (DJ Monkey’s Another Evolution) very well may be the most unique, interesting, and best music you’ll hear this year and for some to come. DJ Monkey has an ensembles ability to combine so many seemingly divergent elements and cultures into a contemporary radio friendly pop music. There is little doubt that their ability to write catchy chorus melodies with pertinent ideas and hooky wordplays, and their counterpoint instrumental alliterations, makes DJ MONKEY’S music a truly compelling mix for the modern music world.
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