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  • de goudkoorts voorbij

  • pleasure and pain

Hielke de Boer spent a lot of years biting his nails before he found out that there was good alternative for this strange habit: guitar playing. The first ten years he used the instrument as a camouflage for his limited voice, playing steady beats to accompany his lyrics, which were like visionary sculptures in words. Took some time to realize that there's no soul in Holland who's waiting on Dylanesk spoken paintings, so after that period he finally took his instrument seriously. If there are any influences they should given names like: Leo Kottke,
Jimmy Page, Blind Boy Fuller, Lonnie Johnson. More and more he's developing in a way that could be called 'American Primitive Guitar', if it wasn't that he refuses to be called 'American'. Rather than giving it names, he likes to let the guitar 'speak for itself'. In the past he toured respectively with the following programs: Dutch singer/songwriter Nick's Quest (songs of the late Nick Drake) Johnny Walker Jr. (Mississippi Delta Blues) A new program is in progress, which will explore deeper the history and possibilities of the steelstring-guitar. It will be on the stages in 2005/2006

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