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"When we meet it happens" Sometimes things just click and fall into place, the magic of music. Godís Monkey have a purely positive outlook on life. They see people struggle and complain, yet choose to laugh. After all, when thereís nothing to lose, why waste time searching for something to find? This theme is a well that will never run dry, although there will
always be someone taking things far too seriously. So why not bring music into the mix, throw the puzzle pieces together into a song. Thatís the life-blood of Godís Monkey because, without it, life would be just that little less interesting. Thatís why we do what we do. Sometimes as loud as an avalanche, sometimes as soft as a snowflake.

Ctv Comment

    From: Dirk   date: 2009-09-23
  Dit is echt vet! Heb ze ook live gezien, die gasten knallen echt! Aanrader!!

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