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n a given day a few years ago, Sapato was at home and about to get a bassballbat to finish of his stereo. The dust had finally won in the battle between Sapato and the cd player and no cd would play normally from that day on. So than a green wind blew a special friendly tornado and stopped at the front door of Sapato’s house. He opened the door and there he was, like a holy grail shining on the stereo, Buurman came into Sapato’s life for the first time. He fixed the stereo and Sapato could listen to his favourite music again. That was the first connection between the magical triangle, music, Buurman and Sapato. The second encounter between these two green souls would take place many full moons later. Buurman was at home and it was harvest day for some special herbs he had planted in his garden. He wanted to treat the sacred plants with all respect but he needed someone who could help him to take the right precautions and select the active psycho tropical parts. Somehow on a wing of magical blue from out the forest, flying over the water of the brook of wisdom, Sapato came and said he could help. The triangle became a shining star and would expend from that day on just like the universe of mind. They talked for hours while cutting the flowers and then they decided that it could be fun to make some music together, so they made an appointment. On a very regular basis Buurman and Sapato made music together until the middle of the night and beyond. Sapato played the acoustic guitar or the bassguitar and Buurman was controlling the electronical side of the music like an Indian God of sound. The music they created was very experimental and open so the feelings could go anywhere at all. They even used selfmade instruments at that time. In a few words the music at that time was psychedelic, relaxed, deep meditation, touched by herbs and coloured by the experiences straight out of life. Sometimes those life experiences were a direct inspiration to a jam or a song. Nature would become their biggest inspiration because nature is life to them and should be respected way more than the human kind has done so far. It would become their way of giving something back to nature. Because of the very different musical influences in
there music, they could not describe the style. That’s when they came up with the term Lowbeat. The style of music that Frontal Absence makes. Untill then Sapato played all guitarparts. He began to realize that he missed something and when Rob van Heugten came into the Frontal Absence Tribe it became obvious. Now he could jam together with another guitarist which set the ground for even more possibilities. From the first jam there was a special interaction between the two guitar players and new ideas grew and grew like a sequoia does in New Zealand. A very melodic guitar sound was born and Rob became a part of the tribe. Now there was only one beautiful flower missing in this green field of power. A strong voice that could make the music rise to orgasmic heights and express the philosophy of the band in lyrics and magical vibration. Sapato knew that there was only one person who could achieve such a thing, so he talked with Danty, which he used to make music with a lot of years ago. Sapato and Danty have been friends for many many years and they have been wandering through the forests for ages. Having fun was and is always the biggest drive to be. They laughed so hard while drinking tea, that they did not need to take a shower. Sapato knew that Danty was involved in a loth of different creative work as an artist. Sapato told the tribe that Danty would just show up one day and than the Frontal Absence would be complete. One night, without knowing, Danty stood at the front door of Buurmans house and the jam could begin. It was a magical moment and once again the Possibilities were unending. Now we had all the musicians together, but still one last thing was missing. Frontal Absence needed someone who could be in control of the sound. To make sure that the music would sound in Harmony. They found the solution in Peter van Doren, a music minded great guy with a basic expression of being relaxed, so the final member of the band was the soundman. There and then Frontal Absence was born and ready to make music and work on the first 2007 album “Water in the Shadow”. Beats and sounds: Buurman Vocals : Danty Acoustic guitar & bass guitar : Sapato Acoustic guitar : Rob Sound man : Peter

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