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  • Music for the ladies

  • Bengi jumping checkmate

  • Johns Groove

  • Cool Cat

  • Jet lag Limousine

  • Coolcat

  • Movement

  • Mesa Verde

  • She Got the Groove

Cineversity.TV and Mesa Verde.
Well, we are pretty sure you can call it LOUNGE, cause it sounds pretty close to CHILLOUT, but it feels like DUB and sometimes goes down like AMBIENT. But first of all it is similar to DOWNTEMPO beats played by FUNK musicians thinking ELECTRO and listening to REGGAE. Someone will say that it sounds like ROCK, but tastes like SOUL with an AFRO concept in the background. A
friend of mine was sure it was not BLUES, but RYTHM AND BLUES played with JAZZ instruments. Our roots surely come out from DANCE, from HOUSE, from TECHNO; even if we've never been to a CLUB, a RAVE, or a PARTY. Once we played TRIP HOP in a SWING bar, and people said that we are a BOSSA NOVA band making up covers from the DRUM AND BASS culture.

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