Artist RADIO Klimt 1918 (italy)

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  • Suspense music

  • Skygazer

  • Ghost of a Tapelistener

  • The Graduate

  • They were wed by the sea

  • They were Wed Rarefied

  • Nightdriver

  • Snow of 85

What is Klimt 1918? Klimt 1918 is a mix of dark wave, indie post-rock and hard rock metal music, that figured in the formation of the band since its origin. It may be this musical grounding that leads the band to suggest that choice. “ Year by year, we find our
own direction more,” Marco says. “Our aim is to find an identity following our post-modern way to see, play and compose music. Many influences are mixed, adding many sounds from many kinds of music, creating a hybrid that has kept together through our personalities and our own ideas.

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