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  • Santoor improvisation

  • Coptic jerusalem

  • Hang and Kanun Goksel Baktagir

  • Moods an opening

Cineversity.TV and Davide Swarup. I am an independent musician, a busker and a traveller. How I found my self playing music? It just happened, and it took time! Three friends of mine wanted to make a band and only the bass guitar was left! So I started my music life in a Iron Maiden cover band named Nefastum till the age of 18th more or less. I went to India in 2000 and I discovered my skills to drum. In 2002 I went to India again and I bought the santoor, and slowly I decided that I wanted to became a musician! I arrived in
Amsterdam. It was November 2004. A few months later, in March 2005, a friend of mine introduced me to the hang. And my life took again another direction. My heart felt like air, a vibration, something. From that moment I can't stop playing. My first three years were a full intense solo playing, now I can say, to discover the instrument and develop my touch. Together with all the support and love of my friends and listeners! So here I am with my music busking around and travelling, looking for inspirations and musicians to create something together. Let see what happens! Enjoy! Davide Swarup

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