Artist RADIO The Pussybats (germany)

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  • Your Woman

  • Miss purgatory

  • My name is Pain

  • Scary Fairy

the pussybats. four guys who sold their souls to the dark side of rock’n’roll long time ago. a sound melting hard rocking guitar riffs and catchy melodies with an intense dark atmosphere just as a matter of course. songs like a rollercoaster ride between a kiss goodbye and a kick in your ass. a voice that’s gonna haunt your dreams. and thrilling live shows which take goth’n’roll entertainment to a whole new level. influences drawn from bands like the backyard babies, ac/dc, the sisters of mercy or songwriting icon johnny cash are one part of the puzzle, but the real fuel for the fire is the kind
of magic that turns a band into a somewhat bigger, one-of-a-kind entity. what they did since last summer? winning the sonic seducer's "battle of the bands". performing at the wave gothic treffen 2007 in leipzig. being featured on compilations like "gothic spirits 5" as well as on the soundtracks of films and even a graphic novel. drinking blood, drinking beer. and yeah, it's still a long way to the top. and hell yeah, they're still thirsty! right at dusk they put on their sunglasses. crank the amps to 13. always ready to put one thing straight: they’re here. and they’re here to fuckin’ rock!

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