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  • Lost Sun District

  • Broken Mind Orchestra

  • Placebo Prozac Pulse

  • Edgless Plain ver 2

  • Seaside Escave ver 2

  • (F)Earapy Note One

Sweeping Logic is an Electronica/Downtempo/Ambient-One-Man-Band set up by Producer Eduard Modestow in Summer of 2006 in Karlstadt/Würzburg, Germany. Born in Perm (Russia) in 1989 he moved to Germany when he was 5 years of age. After his 12th birthday he got his first guitar. But motivation went down as interest in computer-games aroused soon. During this time he got into punk/rock – Nirvana and Fleetwood Mac were the first outstanding influences in this period. After 3 years of musical abstinence he began to play guitar and bass on his own. The first rock-band called ‘Instance in Existence’ was started in October 2005. He wrote a couple of songs for the band and was co-writer of further tunes. His major inspiration and motivation during this term was to write songs he can call his ‘own’. When the band broke up in Summer of 2006 he tried so settle up another project – Sweeping Logic. This Project turned out to be the perfect playground for his creativity and ideas. He explored the field of Ambient and Trip-hop music and began creating his own style of mixing and sampling. A Myspace-account followed and after the excellent feedback of the community he was encouraged to make Sweeping Logic his main musical project. He is also involved in
collaborations with the Hip-Hop artists Mr.Maybe and Joe Bannista who lend the productions their voice and lyrics. Eduard Modestow also joined a metal/rock-band covering metal and hard-rock tunes in December 2006. The Main Concern of Sweeping Logic is to create a unique sound which is open for interpretation and never follows the established guidelines for music. The Hallmark of Sweeping Logic is a catchy delayed-Piano-line underlined by breakbeats to emphasize the inimitable use of samples. The music is not a copy of Boards of Canada or Massive Attack or even Portishead, it’s not a copy of Chemical Brothers or Prodigy, Sweeping Logic has never tried to Remix ‘Smack my Bitch up’ or even ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ nor has Sweeping Logic tried to create a sound that could have been produced by Daft Punk. Sweeping Logic has never tried to follow the pop-verse-chorus-verse song structures. The sound of Sweeping Logic is not dark, it’s not happy, it’s not depressive. The Music itself is more focused on a Stream of Consciousness or on a Never Ending Train... oh wait... it’s just Music... forget it. The Influences range from Electronica to Indie Rock up to Hip-Hop beneath Trip-Hop, Ambient and Post-Rock. Members: Eduard Modestow – Drum-programming, Mixing, Sampling, Guitar, Synthesizer

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