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Eustacia is a female character in Salingerís Catcher in the Rye. The novel was written at a time when rockíníroll was in its infancy and pure, a lifestyle rather than a fashion, a tinted promise, a conspiracy of the awakening young. Eustacia the band goes back to those days, if not in sound and age, but certainly in spirit. Their drive for the music and in their music expresses their belief in the inevitability of having to do what you got to do. Perfectionism clashes with the disbelief that anything has a meaning for more than a moment. Suburban teenage angst, maybe, but more often than not, simply music that comes from big balls, the desire to find and do your own thing whilst still getting a sense of belonging. For Gero, Alex, Nick, Carlo and Dennis Eustacia is a laboratory to translate what happens to them as adolescents into a music as contradictory and even conflicting as this period in life can be. This demo is their first, self-produced with little and inexpensive equipment but
large attention to detail. It captures not only the proficiency of Eustacia as recording artists but also the raw joyful excitement of musicians who love to play together. Considering that the guys have hardly played for more than a year together, it is already inescapably obvious, that something very special is taking shape. The boys have worked passionately on a sound which is their own, whilst still acknowledging and incorporating the music of their heroes past and present. The few gigs and live appearances they have played until today have already created a small but loyal fan base (including Fish, the former lead singer of Marillion, whom they supported at a concert in Cologne). This is primarily due to the fact that they are able to replicate the intensity and power of their recorded sound on stage as well. From wall-of-sound orgies with three guitars piercing your eardrums, through lyrical soundscapes elevating the listener into psychedelic spheres, to the syncopated grooves and surprising song arrangements, seeing Eustacia live is taking you through the motions.

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