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Armed with Global Recognition, AP Brings Rock-Tinged Trance to our Shores– Analog Pussy, a boy/girl twosome from Israel, bring their hard, highNRG psychedelic trance (or psy-trance) sound to the U.S. with their debut album release Trance N Roll, available June 6, 2006 on EsNtion Records. The duo, comprised of Jiga (girl) on bass and Jinno (boy) on synthesizers, have been rocking the trance world since the late ‘90s. Their first album Psycho Bitch From Hell, released in 1999 was their first foray into combining their punk rock backgrounds with the heavy bass of trance music. In the lead
single “Psycho Bitch” they paraphrased and paid homage to the Sex Pistols, leaders of New Wave and a sound at the core of Jiga’s musical soul. The idea of melding musical genres returns in Trance N Roll. The title track begins with a re-rub of the guitar riff from Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water,” quickly escalating into a highNRG, 145 BPM psy-trance anthem. Other musical influences are apparent throughout the album, including an Ozzy Osbourne-esque scream of “Rock and Rolllll!,” some Bob Marley roots reggae and of course, the return of the Sex Pistols influence.

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    From: manuel   date: 2009-05-12

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