Artist RADIO Killaflaw (UK)

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  • Higher Ground

  • Set Me on Fire

  • Power Corrupts

  • Public Love

  • Happy days

  • Lose Myself

  • The Park

  • Holy Funk

  • Revolution

Killaflaw is a sort of crossover act fusing a wide variety of musical genres, from hard hitting rock driven breakbeat, bouncy electro to more acoustic blues infused guitar, vocal and trumpet material. Helm's raw, energetic and bluesy vocal style, unique songwriting skills and talent
for memorable and catchy guitar riffs are essential to the Killaflaw sound. With bullhorn breaks and mesmerizing melodies, quirky bursts of trumpet, catchy guitar riffs and a truly face melting and melodic vocal, the Killaflaw sound is redefining great music. Enjoy.

Ctv Comment

    From: Rink   date: 2009-05-21
  Killaflaw keeps in my head!!!!

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