Artist RADIO Paul Wilkie (Scotland)

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  • The Beginning

  • Crazy La Arabia

  • Atari Euphoria

  • Orion

  • The Doo Doo Song 6

Paul was born in a small town in Scotland, UK. He first got his ear for audio at the age of 7 when he started learning to play the trumpet. Then at 10 years old he started learning piano and regularly played as 1st trumpeter in the school orchestra. Since leaving school he went on to get a job to fund his
growing studio equipment, music programs and sound libraries and shortly after went to college to study BSc Audio Engineering. Paul is now a freelancer who achieved a degree in audio engineering and has gained recognition with his freelance work, earning an award and has been featured on Scottish Television, MTV. Paul contributes to education, corporate, film, television and video games.

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