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  • A new Day

  • Leave the light on

  • Burning car

  • Crosses

Unsure, 2/4 Skools out and Sincere. Put it in the blender for four minutes and you get the perfect Rock-Punk-Pop Molotov cocktail. The brothers Raf (vocals and lead guitar) and Hans Weyn (vocals and rhythm guitar) knew from the first collision with drummer Kurt Weckhuysen that they found the perfect rock and beat machine. The final ingredient of this fierce cocktail is bass player Miguel Wensch. The final four thus united, THE
AGREEMENT could be signed. In April they've released their debut-CD THE LONELINESS AWARD recorded very low budget in the DS14 studio of Seppe Thienpont (Burning Fight) and Todts (Nailpin). Only a month later it was picked up by record label Stand Up Records. THE AGREEMENT crashes punk into rock without loosing sight of poppy and catchy sounds, resulting in an inflammable shake your hips rock sound. After listening to THE AGREEMENT you'll surrender unconditionally.

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