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DIE ANARCHISTISCHE ABENDUNTERHALTUNG A car going in four different directions at once. Classically de-railed and with a rock intention. As few preconceptions as possible, directly at the essence of music. Danceable musical poetry. DAAU came into existence in Antwerpen around 1992. A couple of very young, classically trained musicians meet at the conservatorium in Antwerpen and start playing unconventional music. The band consists of Roel van Camp (accordeon), Han Stubbe (clarinet) and the brothers Simon (cello) and Buni Lenski (violin). Their name is inspired by Herman Hesse's novel, Der Steppenwolf. Their choice of instruments leads to a very distinctive style: a blend of Vivaldi, eastern-european music and Frank Zappa. They have covered Radiohead, the
Beatles and dEUS alike. They have shared the stage with Flamenco ensemble Alma Flamenca, the French electro-dub band Ez3kiel and the classical orchestra Jeugdharmonie Ypriana. DAAU 2006: The band prepares to tour across Europe in support of the newest release, "Domestic Wildlife". Released on their own label, "Radical Duke Entertainment", the album showcases the sound developed on-stage in previous years. It is the first release featuring Boots on drums and Fré Madou on bass. Buni Lenski (viool) Simon Lenski (cello) Han Stubbe (klarinet) Roel van Camp (accordeon) Geert Budts (drums; sinds 2004) Hannes d'Hoine (contrabas; sinds 2006) Adrian Lenski (piano; 2000-2003) Janek Kowalski (drums; 2001-2002) Fré Madou (contrabas; 2004-2006)

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