Artist RADIO Dave Jabobs and the Prodigal Sons (Australia)

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  • Miss U

  • Starbrite

  • Unconsciousness

  • Walkabout

  • We Dont need Time

  • Punched

Dave was born in Queensland, Australia where he grew up in a musical family. He moved to London, UK where he discovered a passion for songwriting.. With his smooth, soothing tones, he tells each story with beautifully strong yet simple lyrics. Performing solo Dave decided to try to put a band together. He put together a group of open minded, super talented musicians....
Hailing from various backgrounds, each brings his own unique touch to the group, creating an original & eclectic mix of sounds. It is quite difficult to place the band in a specific genre as their music is a fusion of many different influences and sounds...The best way to describe their sound would be laid back, accoustic surf rock.

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