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William Van de Velde, was born in Paris , grew up in the mountains in the South of France, moved to The Netherlands and now lives in Groningen. Early in my youth I already knew that I could not be what I had promised to my mother: "physiotherapist", in order to alleviate her back pain. No! On my sixteenth I had to choose a profession and it was metal constructor. It was after a word of advice from a man from the pub. My mother chose a good crafts school for me in Lyon. So I learned that to form iron. That really helped me! It also helped me to explore the material steel. How much you can do with it. After my military service I came to Charlton and was able to work as a ship restorer. That's how it started. I was in the workshop with traces of materials and tried what you can do with all that iron. My first images I gave away for birthdays, others were sold. The work I made was adopted at the art academy (Minerva). My pictures are mostly figurative (people, animals, fruit, etc.) but my abstract objects can be applied (lamps, chairs, mailboxes). Video impression Kunstmarkt Harmonieplein, Groningen

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