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One of the problems with burning coal is that most people never come anywhere near it, so they don't see the impact it has. That's why I think this short film is great, it shows clearly what Nuon and Essent are doing in the Netherlands. They do not have a building permit yet, but are building two of the biggest coal plants of Europe in Groningen Eemsmond and attack Greenpeace over ads it has made to make people aware. Neither do they mention the sicknesses caused by toxic coal ash, or that 1 iut of 10 women becomes infertile. Regular TV like STER RTL SBS, radio 3FM and Q-music boycot these ads too. The lawyers claim that Greenpeace used housestyle logo's in their ads, but they have never complained when they were mentioned at the Dutch news channel with logo's. Shame on these liars.

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