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Space weather can be considered as the changing environmental conditions in near-Earth space, or the space from the Sun's atmosphere to the Earth's atmosphere. Space Weather is the description of changes in the ambient plasma, magnetic fields, radiation and other matter in space surrounding our planet. Much of space weather is driven by energy carried through interplanetary space by the solar wind from regions near the surface of the Sun and the Sun's atmosphere, and the Milky Way and other galaxies. Earth is moving out the Large Interstellar Cloud, ILC, into the G cloud. These clouds consist of interstellar dust, the new cloud we are entering has 500 times more dust en debris. Western science is baffled, but Russians reported this in 1997 and corporate mass-media put the lid on the news story! Why? Because this G cloud poses real danger for our planet and also for the communication network we are using on our planet. With our current technology our civilisation might collapse due to space radiation. Space weather is already changing our clouds, sinkholes appear, and from space, astronauts see big explosions of energy. A lot of new phenomena happen right now on Earth, have a look at pictures taken by people worldwide.
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