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Hommerson and Cineversity.TV . I view life as a vast mystery which becomes bigger the more I know of it. My sense of wonderment is the source of my paintings. I gain a lot of inspiration from nature and my work often explores birth, death and decay; the journey through matter, or circle of life. Blue and violet - the colours of the cosmos - stand out in my paintings. The world which I summon up for my viewer is an alien, celestial one where very exact, familiar details pop up, like a snail. Although my paintings appear intuitive, they are actually very deliberately put together according to the Golden Ratio. When you look closely, they are full of mathematical forms. A cube subtly transmutes into an orb; symmetry and anti-symmetry interchange with one another. The spiral with its two different courses of direction can be seen in the nebulas or the texture of the rocks. Through experimenting with dualistic forms, I aim to conjure up their metaphysical counterparts: order-chaos, mobility-immobility and mind-matter; which I see as essential elements of life.
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