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In my images, the human heart and me follow the intuitive strength of the rock. I often leave rough placeson the piece. In this part of the stone is still in its raw form. In this way the original character of the stone keeps in existence. My images are often abstract, but the organic forms and sensitive lines always represent a human element. I was born in the small village Roden (1958) and have been for many years what they call in Groningen a stadjer. In 1995 I started modeling with clay and also work on wax. Shortly after that my love was born for working with stone. In the years that I lived in the west of the Netherlands I also started exhibiting my works.

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    From: berend   date: 2010-02-11
  Een goedenavond Mag Ik U wat vragen Bent u een van een tweeling Frederika en de naam van de andere zus ben ik helaas vergeten Een echte drentse naam was dat met vr gr berend

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