Artists ART Edwin Grissen (netherlands)
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In 1996 I graduated from the academy Minerva in Groningen. It was at this point that I wanted to paint seascapes. There was a ansichtkaartje in my hands where, even at that size, overwhelming scene was depicted on. It was the Russian painter Aivasovsky and verbeeldde how a sailing ship in a huge wave was swallowed up. The painting is almost frightening. Even the English landscape painter Turner knew how to sublime nature in all its beauty, but especially onbedwingbaar resign. Typical for the period of Romanticism where the overwhelming nature often central role. It places the man in a world where he could not hold on. This finding speaks to me because it is the very nature occasionally erratic sides and shows. It forces us in a humble position and gives us time simultaneously feel part of a larger whole. The sea lends itself to this idea imagining. It is really a great ever-changing landscape. A world where the weather changing everything can happen. After my college to have completed my hard work gone to a whole series of paintings in which ships to be displayed at the dry lie to perish. The natural course of things with the gloss and glory instead makes for rust. Here, the nature slowly back her place. These paintings have been shown in the Northern Scheepvaartmuseum. The following years, I am a long time on this subject afgeweest to alienating to paint landscapes where primates between satelietschotels life. But I am back on maritime themes. Meanwhile lie well as the Romantic art as a major maritime painters far behind us. I am aware that I am from this time a young (1972) marine am, as this is not a very popular topic is, but I hope it together with others to be maintained. With some regularity, I set my arts exhibit.

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